Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 05-28-2020
At ELBEX, the quality of our products matters just as much to us as it does to you. But quality isn’t our only core value. We also have the goal of continuous improvement. We want to be able to understand your specific needs and be positioned to find solutions that exceed expectations. By making product quality and continuous improvement our top priorities, we can do exactly that. Silicone and...
Rubber Extractions and Extrusions
Posted On: 05-18-2020
At ELBEX, we offer a wide variety of standard and custom rubber and silicone extrusions. Our diverse product selection is based on one key goal: ensuring that we will be able to meet any of your application needs. Standard and Custom Profiles While we offer several standard extrusion profiles, they represent only a fraction of what we are capable of. Our team is able to custom-engineer a wide...
Standard Rubber Extensions
Posted On: 05-08-2020
While ELBEX was incorporated in 1991, our industry history extends even farther back, to when Seal Master founder Edward L. Bittle gained his skills and knowledge working for B.F. Goodrich in the 1940s and 50s. Drawing from this background and a innovation-driven mindset, we provide a wide range of capabilities within the rubber extrusions niche. What We Produce At ELBEX, we produce several...
Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 04-30-2020
When we start a new project for a customer, we sit down and have in-depth discussions about goals, challenges, and requirements for their project. During that time there are several questions we may ask you in order to design the best possible extrusions for your needs.  What is Your Application? This is a fairly straight forward question which any extrusion manufacturer should ask you. We need...
Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 04-19-2020
The ELBEX Corporation is a leader in manufacturing rubber and silicone extrusions for a wide range of uses. But where we stand head and shoulders above the competition is with our capabilities to create customized extrusions.  Standard vs. Custom We can manufacture a variety of standard extrusion profiles, which are available throughout our website. Standard profiles are a great way to save time...