Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions
Posted On: 12-29-2020
Extrusions and other rubber products fulfill a wide range of uses across many industries — including mass transit. Subways, trains, buses, and automobiles all require closed seals and extrusions to provide safe and reliable transportation for passengers. Unique Requirements Mass transit vehicles have unique performance requirements. Closed seals are necessary to maintain climate control and keep...
Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 12-20-2020
As winter weather settles in, plummeting temperatures can put significant stress on rigid construction elements like bridges and roadways. During this time of year, expansion joints are more important than ever in preventing damage and extending the life of these structures. More Than Bridges Expansion joints serve as a type of “transition” between two solid surfaces. They absorb any movement...
Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 12-10-2020
With high resistance to gasoline and other fuels, mineral and vegetable oils, solvents, and hydraulic fluids, nitrile is an extremely valuable and versatile copolymer. If your application requires moderate oil or grease resistance, nitrile could be the perfect fit. Here’s what you should know about this extrusion material. Durable Properties Because of its ability to function well in a wide...
ELBEX - Quality Rubber Products
Posted On: 11-29-2020
Expansion joints are used in a wide range of projects — most frequently in construction projects where an outdoor structure will experience fluctuations in temperature. Bridges, exterior glass, and more can all benefit from an expansion joint’s unique capabilities. Flexibility and Longevity Expansion joints are primarily used to prevent damage resulting from structural stress. This could be...
Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions
Posted On: 11-20-2020
Not every project requires custom tooling or on-site tooling — but some do! If your project requires custom tooling, we’re ready to help. Those who need these services can rely on our on-site tooling to help their project be a success. Here’s how this service will benefit your business. Reduced Project Cost One of the biggest advantages of custom on-site tooling is that it reduces production...