Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 07-27-2020
While we pride ourselves on providing great customer service, this is far from the only thing that helps us stand out from the competition. Our unique background and expertise—both as a company and as individuals—makes us the right team to tackle even the toughest rubber extrusion problems. Custom Solutions We love to talk about our ability to provide custom solutions because it is such an...
Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 07-19-2020
Hollow tubes are used in a wide range of applications, and in many different industries. At ELBEX, our tried and true extruding capabilities allow us to manufacture custom tubing to fulfill many different capacities. No matter what you need, we can make it happen. Custom Designed We take great pride in our ability to customize rubber extrusions, including hollow tubes. We work with you to develop...
Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions
Posted On: 07-10-2020
At ELBEX, we work tirelessly to exceed customer expectations and manufacture high-quality rubber extrusions. A big part of our ability to meet these goals comes from the wide variety of profiles we can manufacture — including bulb seals, bumpers, and D-Section profiles. Bulb Seals Bulb seals create a seal by taking on the shape of the channel or void they need to fill. To that end, we offer...
Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 06-26-2020
Rubber gaskets and seals play a vital role in the automotive industry, so it should be no surprise that we do a lot of work in this area. Here is a closer look at how our bumpers, bulb seals, and other custom products make a difference in the automotive world. The Assembly Line Many of our products are actually used for the machines that make the vehicles. For example, rubber seals can be used to...
Elbex - Natural Rubber Products
Posted On: 06-19-2020
Among the many industries we serve, utilities and public works applications are one area where we shine. For these industries, gaskets and seals are vital for moving and containing fluid — and our products deliver. Engineered Products Each project is different, which is why our team prioritizes the ability to manufacture custom extrusions based on your needs. We start with high-quality source...