Take Advantage of Elbex’s On-Site Tooling Capabilities
Posted On: 08-16-2021
When working with a manufacturer of custom extrusions, there is a big difference between companies that handle tooling on-site, and those that outsource the work. At Elbex, we offer on-site tooling to improve outcomes for your project. Here’s why this matters. Faster Delivery Perhaps the most immediately obvious advantage of on-site tooling is that it makes production far more efficient. Internal...
Custom Extrusions, Countless Applications, Dozens of Industries
Posted On: 07-26-2021
Custom rubber extrusions have countless applications — and the sheer scope of the clients that Elbex works with is the perfect demonstration of this. By creating buffers between surfaces, forming tight seals, and performing other vital functions, custom extrusions can make any project a success. Industries Served The need for rubber extrusions is readily apparent simply from the variety of...
Custom Rubber Extrusions for the Appliance Industry
Posted On: 07-19-2021
One of the industries with the greatest demand for custom rubber extrusions is the appliance industry. Because gaskets and seals fill voids and barriers between metal parts, they play a vital role in helping many appliances function properly. Common Appliance Applications for Rubber Extrusions In the appliance industry, rubber gaskets and seals are used to improve water resistance, create air...
Unique Applications Call for Unique Customizations
Posted On: 07-12-2021
Rubber and silicone extrusions are necessary for a wide variety of applications across many industries. While some applications can get by with a standard extrusion, many companies find themselves in need of custom products for their unique applications. Ensuring that you get a quality custom rubber product can make all the difference for the long-term quality of the application. What Type of...
Trusted Products For the Mass Transit Industry
Posted On: 06-21-2021
Mass transit systems are used by millions of people each day around the globe. Whether passengers are riding a train or a bus, they are trusting their lives to the reliability and performance of these vehicles. This means that every component used in mass transit must be of the highest quality — and when it comes to rubber extrusions for this industry, ELBEX pulls it off! Common Applications For...