Extruded Rubber Glazing Systems

Extruded rubber glazing systems from ELBEX are molds used to set materials, create environmental barriers, reduce vibration or fill voids between two surfaces. These gaskets act as seals designed to keep air, water, and sound from leaking in or out of the applied static areas. In the case of windows, the rubber glazing systems wrap the glass, molding to the surface to create an extra tight seal between two areas.

Extruded rubber glazing systems from ELBEX offer maximum performance and reliability.

Extruded Rubber Glazing Systems Applications

At ELBEX, we can create a custom glazing system to meet your unique application needs. We have extensive experience serving the following industries and more!

  • Architectural - The most common application for rubber glazing systems in the architecture industry are for creating weather stripping insulation. With this use case there are many different types of gaskets that can be produced, depending on whether windows or doors are on the interior or exterior of the building. For either application, it is important to note what kind of ratings are needed for fire, sound, water, air, etc. These glazing systems can be applied across commercial or residential buildings, providing environmental barriers and a proper fit for doors and windows.
  • Indoor Agriculture - It’s imperative that growers keep plants and crops free of contaminants. Rubber glazing systems installed within indoor grow facilities means having an air-tight barrier between the grow rooms and the rest of the facility. These systems should be applied to seal any doors and windows surrounding any rooms containing plants, keeping them free of pests and particulates.
  • Automotive - ELBEX extruded rubber glazing systems are an ideal fit for production of spare tire no-rattle pads, hinge covers, acoustic covers, gaskets, and more. They are also great for securing windows to cars, as our systems are manufactured to withstand the elements of mother nature.
  • Marine - Rubber glazing systems for this industry are a vital part of extending the life of boats, as these gaskets can protect against serious leaks and flooding.

Please contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

Industries We Serve

Why Choose ELBEX For Extruded Rubber Glazing Systems?

As designated by our accreditation of the ISO 9001:2015 without Design certification, we offer reassurance to our customers that ELBEX provides top quality extrusions, including extruded rubber glazing systems that are purpose-built for their specific needs. 

The ISO International Standards ensure that products and services being made by companies in a variety of industries around the world are safe, reliable and of good quality. With our main focus being on custom design manufacturing, we’ve carried out work across many industries, so you can trust that you are dealing with very experienced and knowledgeable engineers. We will help you with material selection, provide custom tool and die design services, and collaborate with you throughout the design process.

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Engineering Resources to Support Your Project

  • Custom Onsite Tooling - We meet our customers’ needs for unique custom extrusions with in-house, custom tool and die design services.
  • Technical Information - We offer several technical resources and PDFs to assist in the design of effective and efficient rubber extrusions.
  • Materials Selection - We can help control the cost of your product while achieving the proper performance levels with smart materials selection.
  • Design Assistance - Every application is unique and we stand ready to offer design assistance and even troubleshoot old problems.

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