Extruded Rubber Pipe Seals and Ramps

Simply put, pipe seals and ramps are used to protect exposed pipes, cables, hoses, or electrical conduits from damage in both temporary settings like construction sites, and permanent sites like manufacturing facilities. These rubber extrusions can be used to protect pipes made of precast concrete, PVC, steel, and many other materials—and working with a knowledgeable engineer will help you in designing the right products to fit your specific needs.

At ELBEX, our rubber extrusions, including our pipe seals and ramps, are made from a process that forces uncured rubber compounds through a die and into the desired shape, once passing through a salt bath line at a temperature of approximately 400˚ F. Once extruded, the compounds emerge fully cured, with the different components of the material being cross-linked.

Applications/Uses of Pipe Seals and Ramps

  • Construction - Construction sites are prone to having exposed pipes, cables, hose, or electric conduit lines that can be damaged by load-bearing traffic. These ramps and seals are used to help mitigate damage to existing and new pipe systems that could result in leaks while on site and thereafter. Having these in place during construction is an essential part of being able to stick to the scheduled timelines you’ve mapped out with your customers, and prevent leakage headaches - that can eat away at your margins and reputation. 
  • Industrial/Manufacturing - In this world of many moving parts and use of heavy machinery, knowing you have sound structural and material integrity in all areas of your building is crucial. Using pipe seals and ramps throughout your facility adds a strong and durable buffer between ever-moving objects and stationary piping, preventing potential punctures and bursts of pipes under pressure or containing fluids.
  • Infrastructure - Oftentimes infrastructure cabling is encased and placed underground, buried beneath feet of dirt and rocks. The cabling and casing are usually provided by the same business, and graded for weight and weather resistance. Using pipe seals in these applications can significantly boost protection of these critical components.
  • Oil and Gas - Anytime piping is going underwater, those pipes are exposed to the adversity of activity the ocean throws at them. Protecting these pipes with the proper seals can prevent natural and man-made debri from causing direct impact or abrasion.

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Industries We Serve

Why Choose ELBEX For Pipe Seals?

At ELBEX, our goal is to deliver the highest quality rubber extrusions, including pipe seals and pipe ramps available to a variety of industries. We are able to carry out and accomplish this goal by working with you to meet your exact criteria, designing and engineering the custom extrusions you require to meet your business and safety goals. 

Our customers can rest assured that ELBEX provides the highest quality workmanship, as designated by our accreditation of the ISO 9001:2015 without Design certification. The ISO International Standards ensure that our products are safe, reliable and of the highest quality.

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Engineering Resources to Support Your Project

  • Custom Onsite Tooling - We meet our customers’ needs for unique custom extrusions with in-house, custom tool and die design services.
  • Technical Information - We offer several technical resources and PDFs to assist in the design of effective and efficient rubber extrusions.
  • Materials Selection - We can help control the cost of your product while achieving the proper performance levels with smart materials selection.
  • Design Assistance - Every application is unique and we stand ready to offer design assistance and even troubleshoot old problems.

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