High-Quality Rubber Extrusion Products

ELBEX is an ISO-Certified leader in rubber and silicone extrusions manufacturing. Our capabilities include the ability to produce a wide range of profile designs, including bulb seals, bumpers, D-sections, setting blocks and more. Whatever the rubber extrusion need is for your project, we can likely manufacture a solution for you.

Take a look at the extrusion products below, or contact us for help finding the right products.

Value-Added Services Combined with Quality Extrusion Designs

In addition to the products above, we are able to provide many value-added services, such as in-house die tooling, on-site silicone mixing, and silicone color matching, as well as printing, cutting, splicing, and taping.

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Rubber Extrusion vs. Molding

Rubber Extrusion is a process that forces uncured rubber compounds through a die and into the desired shape. Once extruded, it is immediately cured using a continuous salt bath cure line. 

Unlike other methods, the extrusion process lends itself well to high-volume, lineal foot production runs. By using a salt bath cure system, we are not restricted to limited product lengths, and we can process a higher volume of material in a shorter amount of time—whereas the molding process produces a set number of parts per cycle.

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Engineering Resources to Support Your Project

  • Custom Onsite Tooling - We meet our customers’ needs for unique custom extrusions with in-house, custom tool and die design services.
  • Technical Information - We offer several technical resources and  PDFs to assist in the design of effective and efficient rubber extrusions.
  • Materials Selection - We can help control the cost of your product while achieving the proper performance levels with smart materials selection.
  • Design Assistance - Every application is unique and we stand ready to offer design assistance and even troubleshoot old problems.

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