Architectural Glazing

ELBEX’s Architectural Glazing Applications

Elbex - Natural Rubber Products

Of the countless rubber extrusion products manufactured by ELBEX, several are used in the architectural glazing field. Glazing is the process of seating and sealing fenestration systems on a variety of buildings and structures. 

Types of Profiles Used in Glazing

Glazing system profiles can range from simple setting blocks to complicated, multi-purpose profiles. ELBEX has manufactured a variety of profiles used in this field, many of which are featured on our website. 

Water Control Markets

The ELBEX Corporation has created quality rubber extrusions in order to create solutions in a wide range of markets. But you may not have known that ELBEX extrusions have helped solve problems in the water control industry.

When it comes to water control, we actually have several products which can assist customers in their goals. ELBEX has a range of gaskets, seal profiles, silicone sheeting, or tubing profiles to help our clients who are concerned with water control.

The Uses of Silicone Sheeting

ELBEX does more than merely rubber extrusions. We also design and manufacture silicone products, including silicone sheeting for the architectural sector. Silicone sheeting has a variety of uses. Commonly, silicone sheeting is used to create an air or vapor barrier when used in architectural glazing systems. As the silicone sheeting interacts with glass facades and similar structures, our silicone is translucent and compatible with Dow and GE sealants.

What is the Purpose of Setting Blocks?

The ELBEX Corporation offers several rubber and silicone extrusion options, depending on your requirements. But did you know we can design and manufacture setting blocks?

A setting block profile is used to position and seat separate materials.

Commonly they are used to assist in dampening vibrations and to minimize uneven surfaces. They can also be used in glazing applications in order to set glass within an aluminum channel. 

Product Profile: Glazing Profiles

Glazing profiles are one type of extrusion which can go unnoticed, but plays an important role when sealing buildings from the outside elements. 

Within the architectural and industrial sectors, glazing profiles are a key component towards constructing buildings. 

The ELBEX Corporation has decades of experience manufacturing glazing profiles which help our clients accomplish their goals.

Glazing profiles are used in the industrial and architectural fields to seat or seal any type of facade or fenestration system in a building.