Custom Engineered Rubber Products

The Benefits of Custom Tooling

Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions

Not every project requires custom tooling or on-site tooling — but some do! If your project requires custom tooling, we’re ready to help. Those who need these services can rely on our on-site tooling to help their project be a success. Here’s how this service will benefit your business.

Reduced Project Cost

One of the biggest advantages of custom on-site tooling is that it reduces production costs. Custom tooling reduces the time to delivery, which naturally lowers the overall cost of the project. We are happy to pass these cost savings along to our customers.

What Makes ELBEX Different

Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions

At ELBEX, we understand that you have many choices for rubber extrusions — but we believe that who we are makes us stand out in a positive way. We were founded in 1974 by Edward L. Bittle, who drew from his decades of experience at B.F. Goodrich to start a company focused on rubber seals, as well as rubber and silicone extrusions. As we’ve grown, custom rubber extrusion has also become a key part of what we do. Building on Edward Bittle’s legacy is central in everything we do today.