Custom Rubber Extrusion

Markets Served: Appliance

ELBEX has served a variety of markets with our custom rubber extrusions and profiles. One of those market segments is the appliance sector. Our extrusion solutions are ideal for several purposes which makes the appliance sector a natural fit for our knowledge base. Most notably our gaskets and seal profiles are perfect for appliances where water resistance is required.

The Uses of Silicone Sheeting

ELBEX does more than merely rubber extrusions. We also design and manufacture silicone products, including silicone sheeting for the architectural sector. Silicone sheeting has a variety of uses. Commonly, silicone sheeting is used to create an air or vapor barrier when used in architectural glazing systems. As the silicone sheeting interacts with glass facades and similar structures, our silicone is translucent and compatible with Dow and GE sealants.

Knowing the Tolerances of Silicone & Rubber Extrusions

In order to assist in the creation of an effective, efficient rubber extrusion it’s important to know the tolerances of our rubber and silicone products. 

Extrusion tolerances for standard and custom cross-sections, plus material tolerances, are all important to us at ELBEX Corporation.

We have detailed PDFs which outline our extru-sion tolerances for technical reference. Our tolerances include outside diameters, inside diameters, walls, width, height and general dimensions of our extrusions. Quality extrusion control is also highlighted in these documents. 

When is U-Channeling Used?

There is an abundance of options to choose from when you need a rubber extrusion profile to complete a project. One type of extrusion profiles we manufacture at ELBEX Corporation is the U-channel profile. But when is a U-channel an acceptable extrusion to utilize? 

The U-channel profile, named for its “U-shape,” is most commonly used to fit within a channel and serve as an edge to a mating piece.

Mainly, U-channels are used to reduce vibrations, eliminate movement, or secure a fit between two different items. 

Featured Industry: Automotive

Since 1991, ELBEX Corporation has used its expertise gained from the heart of the rubber industry to specialize in custom rubber profile extrusions and rubber extrusion manufacturing.

Our products serve a variety of applications stretched across numerous markets, including the automotive market.

An assortment of our extrusions, gaskets, seals, and other profiles appear throughout the automotive industry to serve a range of purposes.

What Are the Uses of D-Section?

ELBEX Corporation is an ISO Certified leader in rubber and silicone extrusions manufacturing. Our unique capabilities include the ability to produce a wide range of profile designs in both dense and sponge materials.                    

With more than 25 years in the industry, our level of detailed planning coupled with the strong relationships cultivated with suppliers and vendors sets us apart from other extrusions manufacturers.

We provide multiple extrusion types for a variety of markets, such as automotive, construction, mass transit, and water control.