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Product Highlight: Expansion Joints and Their Applications

Product Highlight: Expansion Joints and Their Applications

Expansion joints are some of the most commonly used rubber extrusions, particularly in the construction and manufacturing industries. At Elbex, our team can produce both standard and custom expansion joints to ensure quality outcomes for your project. Here is a closer look at expansion joints and how they can be used.

What Are Expansion Joints?

The Different Types and Shapes of Rubber Extrusions Available

The Different Types and Shapes of Rubber Extrusions Available

At Elbex, our team is proud of our capabilities to produce a wide range of rubber extrusions for applications in many different industries. With so many different types and shapes of rubber extrusions available, we seek to become a true go-to resource for all of your needs. Here is a brief overview of what we can manufacture.

Available Rubber Extrusions

Our Passion for Excellence

Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions

At ELBEX, we have a true passion for excellence. However, we find that this is something that most customers don’t fully understand until after they work with us. We are truly dedicated to what we do, and our passion ensures both great products and amazing customer service.

Creating Products that Meet Your Needs

Rubber Extractions and Extrusions

At ELBEX, we offer a wide variety of standard and custom rubber and silicone extrusions. Our diverse product selection is based on one key goal: ensuring that we will be able to meet any of your application needs.

Standard and Custom Profiles

While we offer several standard extrusion profiles, they represent only a fraction of what we are capable of. Our team is able to custom-engineer a wide range of rubber and silicone extruded products for several different industries, including appliance, automotive, and construction.

Rubber Extrusions 101

Elbex - Rubber Basics

Rubber extrusions can assist companies in several different industries, so here are a few quick facts about these versatile products. 

Size Ranges of Extrusions

Rubber extrusions and similar products can be made at various sizes and lengths, depending on their application. At ELBEX, we can produce extrusions at profiles as small as 0.0625 inches. 

We can also manufacture extruded products as wide as 18 inches, up to 8 inches thick (or as small as 0.03 inch thickness), and with diameters as large as 8 inches. 

Market Served: Automotive

Automotive markets

ELBEX has designed and manufactured quality rubber extrusions for a variety of markets. Each market utilizes our products uniquely and requires different profiles. A major market we serve is the automotive sector. 

Automotive Needs 

Profiles for automotive clients are needed to reduce vibrations and create tight seals that offer water resistance. 

For example, our rubber gaskets and seal profiles are designed with those requirements in mind. These profiles can also provide an air barrier, secure components, and offer tight seals. 

Advantages of Using Butyl


There are several types of elastomers which can be used to manufacture rubber extrusions. One of those elastomers is butyl rubber, commonly referred to as butyl. 

Butyl Properties 

Butyl is a common elastomer that has been in commercial use since the 1940s. The ability for butyl to retain air and its flex properties made it ideal for tire inner tubes as its first major application.