Custom Rubber Products

Advantages of Using Butyl


There are several types of elastomers which can be used to manufacture rubber extrusions. One of those elastomers is butyl rubber, commonly referred to as butyl. 

Butyl Properties 

Butyl is a common elastomer that has been in commercial use since the 1940s. The ability for butyl to retain air and its flex properties made it ideal for tire inner tubes as its first major application.

When is U-Channeling Used?

There is an abundance of options to choose from when you need a rubber extrusion profile to complete a project. One type of extrusion profiles we manufacture at ELBEX Corporation is the U-channel profile. But when is a U-channel an acceptable extrusion to utilize? 

The U-channel profile, named for its “U-shape,” is most commonly used to fit within a channel and serve as an edge to a mating piece.

Mainly, U-channels are used to reduce vibrations, eliminate movement, or secure a fit between two different items. 

Quality and Customization

For nearly 30 years, we have been committed to providing our customers with quality extrusions and other rubber products which are customized for their specific requirements. 

It starts with our quality team, which inspects all raw materials that come into our facility.

This allows for complete traceability should something not meet the project requirements later in the process. In addition, the team also inspects the products during the manufacturing process. They also complete a 24-hour check, and we offer a Certificate of Compliance upon completion. 

Product Profile: Glazing Profiles

Glazing profiles are one type of extrusion which can go unnoticed, but plays an important role when sealing buildings from the outside elements. 

Within the architectural and industrial sectors, glazing profiles are a key component towards constructing buildings. 

The ELBEX Corporation has decades of experience manufacturing glazing profiles which help our clients accomplish their goals.

Glazing profiles are used in the industrial and architectural fields to seat or seal any type of facade or fenestration system in a building.