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We Can Customize Any Product to Fit Your Needs!

ELBEX Corporation is an ISO Certified leader in custom rubber extrusions and silicone extrusions. We have a range of capabilities aimed at manufacturing countless profile designs from numerous materials commonly used in rubber extrusions, such as silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl and more. Today, we serve a broad range of industries including automotive, mass transit, construction, water control, appliance gaskets, and more.

Learn More About Bulb Seals

ELBEX Corporation, an ISO 9001:2015 accredited rubber extrusions manufacturer, produces many different types of extrusions used across a wide range of industries. Just one of those extrusion types is the bulb seal. Bulb seals get their name due to the shape they often take mimicking a light bulb. But as other types of extrusions do, bulb seals also have the ability to create a seal in a slightly different fashion.

Elbex Provides Flexibility

When it comes to meeting the needs of your business, sometimes your work requires a bit of flexibility. This is especially true in such volatile markets as the automotive and railway industries. At Elbex, we understand that sometimes this need for flexibility can also extend to your need for custom engineered rubber products. No matter what you need, however, we have positioned ourselves to be competitive on all levels so we can deliver the best results possible.