What Makes ELBEX Different?

ELBEX was founded in 1974 by Edward L. Bittle, who spent decades in the rubber industry at B.F. Goodrich in Akron, Ohio the rubber capital of the world. The vision for ELBEX was different than a company like B.F. Goodrich though. ELBEX was created as a custom rubber seal manufacturer. As the company grew over time, it expanded to include rubber and silicone extrusions. Eventually, the company added custom rubber profile extrusions and custom rubber extrusion manufacturing.

When is U-Channeling Used?

There is an abundance of options to choose from when you need a rubber extrusion profile to complete a project. One type of extrusion profiles we manufacture at ELBEX Corporation is the U-channel profile. But when is a U-channel an acceptable extrusion to utilize? 

The U-channel profile, named for its “U-shape,” is most commonly used to fit within a channel and serve as an edge to a mating piece.

Mainly, U-channels are used to reduce vibrations, eliminate movement, or secure a fit between two different items. 

Quality and Customization

For nearly 30 years, we have been committed to providing our customers with quality extrusions and other rubber products which are customized for their specific requirements. 

It starts with our quality team, which inspects all raw materials that come into our facility.

This allows for complete traceability should something not meet the project requirements later in the process. In addition, the team also inspects the products during the manufacturing process. They also complete a 24-hour check, and we offer a Certificate of Compliance upon completion. 

Featured Industry: Industrial and Manufacturing

The ELBEX Corporation has more than 25 years in the business of designing and manufacturing custom rubber extrusions for clients around the globe.

Our extrusions have served companies in numerous fields, including the automotive sector, appliance makers, water control projects, mass transit, and several others.

But a top sector for us at ELBEX is serving the industrial and manufacturing sectors for their ongoing projects to move the economy along.

Product Profile: Gaskets & Seals

Backed by our decades of experience at ELBEX, we can specialize in manufacturing multiple custom and standard rubber extrusions.

One of the types of extrusions we manufacture out of our facility in Kent, Ohio are gaskets and seals. These types of profile extrusions serve a variety of purposes for our clients and may be able to assist you on your next project.

Featured Industry: Construction

When it comes to applications for rubber or silicone extrusions, the ELBEX Corporation has prided itself on the work we do for the construction industry.

There is no shortage of projects we design, customize, and manufacture for the construction field. And construction managers and companies alike have come to rely on us due to our years of experience manufacturing quality rubber extrusions.