Extruded Rubber Products

Creating Products that Meet Your Needs

Rubber Extractions and Extrusions

At ELBEX, we offer a wide variety of standard and custom rubber and silicone extrusions. Our diverse product selection is based on one key goal: ensuring that we will be able to meet any of your application needs.

Standard and Custom Profiles

While we offer several standard extrusion profiles, they represent only a fraction of what we are capable of. Our team is able to custom-engineer a wide range of rubber and silicone extruded products for several different industries, including appliance, automotive, and construction.

Rubber Extrusion Manufacturing

Custom Rubber Extrusions

Manufacturing rubber extrusions is a process which has been around for more than a century. Over that timeframe, many advancements have been made in the extrusions industry. 

Manufacturing Rubber Extrusions

Rubber is a naturally occurring elastomer. But today, synthesized rubber compounds outproduce natural gum rubber products. 

Today, a rubber extrusion manufacturer — after completing the design phase and having selected the elastomeric material — will create a die to make the desired shape and size of an extrusion. 

Our Natural Rubber Products

Elbex - Natural Rubber Products

ELBEX is a leading manufacturer and ISO certified leader in silicone and rubber extrusions. Our capabilities include a wide range of profile designs in both dense and sponge materials. 

Why Natural Rubber? 

Rubber is just one of several materials we use in order to manufacture extrusions and other products for customers. Natural rubber has many built-in advantages over other materials and compounds. 

Not Sure What Materials You Need for Your Project? Contact Us!

The entire ELBEX team has decades of experience helping a wide range of customers find the right rubber extrusions for their project. 

If you have any questions about the type of materials you need, or the exact profile shape, our team can help you. 

We have experience in the appliance industry, automotive, industrial, manufacturing, mass transit and other industry throughout the economy.

Elbex Capabilities Bring Better Rubber and Silicone Extrusion Production

Engineers, Project Managers and Designers all over the world rely on Elbex Corporation’s substantial capabilities to provide the best quality extrusions with exceptional value-added services.

Our vast manufacturing operation can produce rubber or silicone-based extrusions ranging from 1/16” to 18” wide. Our 34,000-square foot production facility includes a cold toom capable of storing up to 100,000 pounds of compound.

Value Added Services

It can be hard for engineers and procurement specialists to find a qualified supplier simply because the number of variables that each outside company provides. Quality of product, for example, is an extremely important factor in choosing a supplier but at costs that are within budget. Turnaround time is another variable that could make or break a project from an engineers perspective.