Extrusion Material Selection

Exploring the General Properties of Elastomers

Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions

ELBEX rubber and silicone extrusions are used in a wide range of industries, and for countless applications. This is made possible through the many types of elastomers we use, which allow us to optimize our extrusions for unique performance requirements.

Physical Properties of Elastomers

Elastomers are mixed with many different chemicals and compounds to achieve the desired physical properties in an extruded product. Basic polymers can also be used to create compounds with unique properties.

How We Are Different

ELBEX was founded in 1974 by Edward L. Bittle, who spent decades in the rubber industry at B.F. Goodrich in Akron, Ohio the rubber capital of the world. The vision for ELBEX was different than a company like B.F. Goodrich though. ELBEX was created as a custom rubber seal manufacturer. As the company grew over time, it expanded to include rubber and silicone extrusions. Eventually, the company added custom rubber profile extrusions and custom rubber extrusion manufacturing.

Not Sure What Materials You Need for Your Project? Contact Us!

The entire ELBEX team has decades of experience helping a wide range of customers find the right rubber extrusions for their project. 

If you have any questions about the type of materials you need, or the exact profile shape, our team can help you. 

We have experience in the appliance industry, automotive, industrial, manufacturing, mass transit and other industry throughout the economy.

Quality and Customization

For nearly 30 years, we have been committed to providing our customers with quality extrusions and other rubber products which are customized for their specific requirements. 

It starts with our quality team, which inspects all raw materials that come into our facility.

This allows for complete traceability should something not meet the project requirements later in the process. In addition, the team also inspects the products during the manufacturing process. They also complete a 24-hour check, and we offer a Certificate of Compliance upon completion.