Extrusion Tooling

On-Site Tooling Capabilities for You

At Elbex, one key factor that sets our rubber extrusion manufacturing apart is our on-site tooling. By completing all tooling on-site, we can deliver better outcomes for your project, no matter what type of rubber extrusion you need for your application. Here’s a closer look at how our on-site tooling capabilities can make a difference.

Faster Turnaround

Setting Blocks for Industrial Applications

At ELBEX, one of the many ways our team helps our clients is by producing setting block extrusions that absorb movement and prevent structural damage. Our engineers collaborate with our clients to determine which rubber extrusion solution will work best for a particular project, ensuring that material selections are designed to meet regulatory standards and codes.

Quality & Value

ELBEX logo and rubber extrusions

At ELBEX, we understand the difficulty in finding a qualified supplier. Each company offers something different and there are a number of variables to consider. But when you select us, you will immediately notice the top-notch customer service and quality rubber extrusion products we provide to our clients. 

Elbex Capabilities Bring Better Rubber and Silicone Extrusion Production

Engineers, Project Managers and Designers all over the world rely on Elbex Corporation’s substantial capabilities to provide the best quality extrusions with exceptional value-added services.

Our vast manufacturing operation can produce rubber or silicone-based extrusions ranging from 1/16” to 18” wide. Our 34,000-square foot production facility includes a cold toom capable of storing up to 100,000 pounds of compound.