Quality Control

Water Control Markets

The ELBEX Corporation has created quality rubber extrusions in order to create solutions in a wide range of markets. But you may not have known that ELBEX extrusions have helped solve problems in the water control industry.

When it comes to water control, we actually have several products which can assist customers in their goals. ELBEX has a range of gaskets, seal profiles, silicone sheeting, or tubing profiles to help our clients who are concerned with water control.

Featured Industry: Construction

When it comes to applications for rubber or silicone extrusions, the ELBEX Corporation has prided itself on the work we do for the construction industry.

There is no shortage of projects we design, customize, and manufacture for the construction field. And construction managers and companies alike have come to rely on us due to our years of experience manufacturing quality rubber extrusions.

ELBEX Quality Standards

To instill and maintain a total quality practice in our corporate culture that commands a proactive support of our customers’ goals, as well as exceeding their needs and expectations in a timely manner.

To monitor and continuously improve business, products, our organization, employee performance and safety.

A team dedicated to quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.