Rubber Extrusion

Serving a Variety of Markets

ELBEX serving a variety of markets

ELBEX develops and manufactures quality rubber extrusions for numerous markets stretched across the world. Our custom extrusions have a variety of applications which can be observed in many markets around the globe. 

Markets Served

Our extrusions and other products have been used in the automotive industry, common household appliances, mass transit, the construction field, and for water control. 

We serve large domestic companies and smaller entities looking for cost-effective solutions to their problems. 

Advantages and Limitations of SBR

SBR in quality rubber extrusions

At ELBEX we use several different elastomers, polymers, and materials to serve our clients’ needs. We understand that each project has different goals and limitations. In order to achieve those markers, we need to use our knowledge of these materials to best suit the goals of our customers. 

Have Questions? We Are Here to Help!

ELBEX team members

Before you decide to work with us, you may have a few questions. This is a natural step when choosing another company to partner with for a project or when developing a new product. 

Our Capabilities

Our expertise in creating quality rubber extrusions is what sets us apart from the competition. We can extrude profiles as small as 0.0625 inches and as wide as 18 inches. Thickness can range from 0.030 inches to 8 inches with a maximum diameter of 8 inches. 

Product Spotlight: Expansion Joints

Expansion Joint detail

Transitioning between two surfaces to prevent damage can be a daunting task, but ELBEX Corporation is here to help. Two surfaces expanding or contracting can cause monumental problems and damage to your specific application wasting time and money.  Expansion Joints are designed to transition between two surfaces to prevent damage from expansion or contraction.