Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer

Featured Industry: Industrial and Manufacturing

The ELBEX Corporation has more than 25 years in the business of designing and manufacturing custom rubber extrusions for clients around the globe.

Our extrusions have served companies in numerous fields, including the automotive sector, appliance makers, water control projects, mass transit, and several others.

But a top sector for us at ELBEX is serving the industrial and manufacturing sectors for their ongoing projects to move the economy along.

How Elbex Serves the Shoe Market

These days, there are many industries that rely on rubber extrusions. And while you may think that a rubber extrusion manufacturer is only called on for projects in the construction or automotive industry, many shoe manufacturers now use extruded rubber to wrap the soles of their shoes for a unique and trendy look. At Elbex, we can provide custom rubber extrusions that help shoe manufacturers achieve a top-notch product.

Product Spotlight: Expansion Joints

Expansion Joint detail

Transitioning between two surfaces to prevent damage can be a daunting task, but ELBEX Corporation is here to help. Two surfaces expanding or contracting can cause monumental problems and damage to your specific application wasting time and money.  Expansion Joints are designed to transition between two surfaces to prevent damage from expansion or contraction.

Application FAQ: Material Selection

The material selection process involves asking the right questions concerning the application and environment the part will be exposed to. Rubber compounds are all unique in their own way, and asking the right questions during the selection process enables us to match the right compound to the part. By understanding some of these considerations, you are better able to control the cost of your product while achieving the proper performance levels.

Elastomers Offered