Rubber Extrusion Manufacturers

Featured Industry: Automotive

Since 1991, ELBEX Corporation has used its expertise gained from the heart of the rubber industry to specialize in custom rubber profile extrusions and rubber extrusion manufacturing.

Our products serve a variety of applications stretched across numerous markets, including the automotive market.

An assortment of our extrusions, gaskets, seals, and other profiles appear throughout the automotive industry to serve a range of purposes.

Quality: The ELBEX Hallmark and More

Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in rubber extrusions and silicone profiling has been consistent since the start. Our sincere adherence to quality regulations and the highest industrial standards tagged us as an ISO 9007:2008 certified company in 2010. Our separate team dedicated to quality maintenance in the entire extrusion manufacturing process looks after: 

Local and National Reach: The Growth of ELBEX and Custom Rubber Extrusions in Ohio

At Elbex, we have been delving deep into research and innovation in rubber extrusions and custom rubber profiling and the good work has brought us sizeable local and national acclaim. Being an ISO certified company with leading silicone and rubber extrusion portfolios, we have created extrusions for a wide range of industries and got the opportunity to serve clients from across the world. 

Serving Large Domestic Corporations

Elbex custom rubber extrusions can be used in all sorts of ways. that’s why we are proud to serve a diverse range of industries. Our ability to prototype materials for multiple, specific applications allows clients to create new solutions to problems or engineer methods for making machinery more efficient. Then, with our in-house team we can produce large-scale fabrications of custom rubber tools and silicone sheeting. A process that has worked well for clients in just some of the following sectors: 

Our Ability To Respond

As we discussed in our previous post about the Elbex Way, our team prides itself on taking client needs on from the first stage to the last. We work with your engineers to develop innovative solutions to your problems using our rubber or silicone materials and then make them in house even packaging them for you. By working with you at every step in the process, Elbex can respond better to your needs. 

The Services We offer

Elbex has a lot of  Elbex offers a variety of services such as: 

The Elbex Way

Elbex prides itself on a specific method for producing the best quality rubber extrusions and silicone sheeting materials each and every time. Other rubber extrusion manufacturers may not bring as much work in house as we do, match the size and scale of our production, or provide the same post production services, but all of these offerings help make up the specific Elbex way. 

What Are Rubber Extrusions?

Custom rubber extrusions from Elbex meet a wide variety of demands in industries like automotive, mass-transit, construction, water control, appliances, and more. Our extrusions help the engineers and designers working in these fields to bring together complex designs, improve tools, and accomplish their goals. With a variety of applications, uses, and materials that we make in house, our extrusions can help your engineers better meet the demands of your industry.