Rubber Extrusion Profiles

Markets Served: Appliance

ELBEX has served a variety of markets with our custom rubber extrusions and profiles. One of those market segments is the appliance sector. Our extrusion solutions are ideal for several purposes which makes the appliance sector a natural fit for our knowledge base. Most notably our gaskets and seal profiles are perfect for appliances where water resistance is required.

What is the Purpose of Setting Blocks?

The ELBEX Corporation offers several rubber and silicone extrusion options, depending on your requirements. But did you know we can design and manufacture setting blocks?

A setting block profile is used to position and seat separate materials.

Commonly they are used to assist in dampening vibrations and to minimize uneven surfaces. They can also be used in glazing applications in order to set glass within an aluminum channel. 

Value Added Services

It can be hard for engineers and procurement specialists to find a qualified supplier simply because the number of variables that each outside company provides. Quality of product, for example, is an extremely important factor in choosing a supplier but at costs that are within budget. Turnaround time is another variable that could make or break a project from an engineers perspective. 

Custom Rubber Extrusion Design and Manufacturing

Custom rubber extrusions are not easy to apply and execute. Each process involves immense detailing and care. At ELBEX, we serve the highest levels of both. We employ a variety of extrusion profile creation materials along with superior expertise to bring to you the best in custom rubber extrusions.

Design and Manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing are two different aspects of custom rubber extrusions and we hear from our customers on both occasions. This is precisely how we cross over unique problems in rubber extrusion design and extrusion.