Edward L Bittle, founder of ELBEX Corp, Rubber Extrusions Manufacturer

About Our Founder - Edward L. Bittle

Like many young men in Akron, Ohio during the 40’s and 50’s, Edward L. Bittle went to work in the city’s rubber industry. With knowledge obtained while working at B.F. Goodrich, Edward saw the possibility to capitalize on a niche market.

In 1974, Ed founded Seal Master, a custom rubber seal manufacturer. To fulfill the demand of a growing company’s need for resources, rubber and silicone extrusion operations were brought in house to fully integrate and expedite the manufacturing process.  With that demand met, Ed saw an opportunity to leap into another rubber market, custom rubber profile extrusions and rubber extrusion manufacturing. It was from there ELBEX (Edward L Bittle Extrusions) was born. 

Please follow the timeline below that highlights ELBEX's expansion over the last 20 years:

1991 - ELBEX Incorporated
ELBEX Corporation was incorporated in November 1991 in Kent, Ohio. Operations began in a facility of Seal Master Corporation, a sister company manufacturing inflatable rubber sealing products. Initially, ELBEX provided custom rubber extrusions to Seal Master.
1999 - New Building
ELBEX moved into its own manufacturing plant in 1999, a newly constructed 34,000 square-foot facility located in the Kent, Ohio. From here, ELBEX launched its manufacturing program into diversified markets.
2010- ISO 9001 Certification Acheived
ELBEX achieves quality certification ISO 9001:2008 without Design. 
2012 - 20th Anniversary
ELBEX celebrates 20 year anniversary. 1992 - 2012