Extruded Rubber Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are used in a variety of applications, but are most commonly used in industrial piping systems or in situations where there’s a need to reduce movement and vibration—any time there is concern of structural damage due to the expansion or contraction of those surfaces.

Extruded rubber expansion joints from ELBEX provide superior stability and protection compared to other types of expansion joints because of our team that’s dedicated to quality through the entire extrusion manufacturing process.

Expansion Joint Applications

Extruded rubber expansion joints are most commonly used in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing - The most common application of expansion joints is in industrial piping systems where they’re used as a transition between two surfaces. They are also often used as outgassing expansion joints in clean room ductwork.
  • Construction - Expansion joints are also referred to as movement joints because of their ability to keep structures held in place. They are commonly used in architecture and construction to relieve stress on building materials caused by natural expansion and contraction or by seismic activity.

Because of the versatility of our extruded rubber profiles, they can be used as a viable solution in so many different industries and applications. Our design and engineering team can assist you in finding the right extrusion to meet your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

Custom Expansion Joint Design and Value-Added Services

In addition to designing and engineering custom extrusions, we are able to provide many value-added services, such as in-house die tooling, on-site silicone mixing, and silicone color matching, as well as printing, cutting, splicing, and taping.

We take pride in our ability to deliver custom-manufactured movement joints to meet your specification requirements. 

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Engineering Resources to Support Your Project

Custom Onsite Tooling - We meet our customers’ needs for unique custom extrusions with in-house, custom tool and die design services.

Technical Information - We offer several technical resources and PDFs to assist in the design of effective and efficient rubber extrusions.

Materials Selection - We can help control the cost of your product while achieving the proper performance levels with smart materials selection.

Design Assistance - Every application is unique and we stand ready to offer design assistance and even troubleshoot old problems.

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