SBR in quality rubber extrusions
Posted On: 10-17-2019
At ELBEX we use several different elastomers, polymers, and materials to serve our clients’ needs. We understand that each project has different goals and limitations. In order to achieve those markers, we need to use our knowledge of these materials to best suit the goals of our customers.  What is SBR?  One of the common materials we use is called SBR, also known as BunaS. SBR is a snythetic...
Automotive markets
Posted On: 10-07-2019
ELBEX has designed and manufactured quality rubber extrusions for a variety of markets. Each market utilizes our products uniquely and requires different profiles. A major market we serve is the automotive sector.  Automotive Needs  Profiles for automotive clients are needed to reduce vibrations and create tight seals that offer water resistance.  For example, our rubber gaskets and seal profiles...
ELBEX team members
Posted On: 09-26-2019
Before you decide to work with us, you may have a few questions. This is a natural step when choosing another company to partner with for a project or when developing a new product.  Our Capabilities Our expertise in creating quality rubber extrusions is what sets us apart from the competition. We can extrude profiles as small as 0.0625 inches and as wide as 18 inches. Thickness can range from 0....
ELBEX logo and rubber extrusions
Posted On: 09-16-2019
At ELBEX, we understand the difficulty in finding a qualified supplier. Each company offers something different and there are a number of variables to consider. But when you select us, you will immediately notice the top-notch customer service and quality rubber extrusion products we provide to our clients.  Value Added Services Every project has unique factors during our development process—...
Posted On: 09-06-2019
There are several types of elastomers which can be used to manufacture rubber extrusions. One of those elastomers is butyl rubber, commonly referred to as butyl.  Butyl Properties  Butyl is a common elastomer that has been in commercial use since the 1940s. The ability for butyl to retain air and its flex properties made it ideal for tire inner tubes as its first major application. Butyl rubber...