Ribbed Profiles

Industrial Manufacturing

Rubber Extrusions for the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

ELBEX is proud to offer high quality, custom rubber extrusions for the manufacturing industry to help absorb movement and prevent structural damage. Our engineers will work hand in hand with you to find the right solution for your project, and choose materials that meet regulatory standards and any applicable codes.

Our rubber extrusions are most commonly used in the industrial and manufacturing industry as buffers to reduce movement between surfaces, greatly reducing the risk of structural damage. In addition, our rubber extrusions are frequently used to seat and seal fenestration systems and facades. Industrial and Manufacturing engineers must choose the right materials to ensure lasting structural integrity. Our engineers can work with you to select the right materials in regards to your specific project. Contact us today to let us know what you need for your project!

Applications in the Manufacturing Industry

Our rubber extrusions play a vital role in the performance of a wide range of industrial and manufacturing systems. Our products can be manufactured to withstand extreme environments that manufacturing and industrial environments are subject to, including direct sunlight and dramatic changes in temperature that can cause expansion and contraction. Whether you need a rubber extrusion for a specific product you’re manufacturing, or for the actual factory building itself, our rubber extrusions fit the bill.

  • Pipe ramps
  • Glazing system profiles
  • Silicone sheeting
  • Expansion joints

Ribbed Profiles

Product Description

Ribbed profiles serve many purposes.  Their primary function is to fill a void or gap between two surfaces and compress to create a seal.  Like our other products, we are glad to work with you to develop a custom seal for your specific application.

Custom Design Avaliable

We take pride in our ability to deliver a custom manufactured product to meet your specification requirements. Based on our extensive capabilities, nearly any design can be met. Below are strictly a few examples of profile types that ELBEX has the capability to produce. For more information please reference our capabilities page.

NOTE: Because many of our orders are custom orders, we do not carry an inventory. Please call one of our Sales Representatives to inquire into the item you are interested in.