Custom Tooling

OnsiteTooling: Lowers Cost, Reduces Lead Times

Meeting our customers’ needs for unique custom extrusions is a key element in the ELBEX customer experience. ELBEX offers extrusion and custom tool and die design services, all processed onsite. Our wire EDM and sinker EDM capabilities are supported by our experience in 2-D modeling and design using AutoCAD as a platform.

Benifits Include:

  • Reduced Project Cost
  • Improves Efficiency Of Production
  • Shortens Lead Times
  • Improves Delivery
  • Aids in meeting quality certification standards

By allowing our engineers to take a hands on approach with your project, lead times will be cut down dramatically. Outsourcing tooling, in some cases, may take weeks. However, our internal processing takes a day or less. In addition to reducing lead times a great deal of cost savings is passed along to our customers by using this service.