Elbex is Your Source for Quality Expansion Joint Rubber Extrusions

Elbex is Your Source for Quality Expansion Joint Rubber Extrusions

While rubber extrusions serve a wide variety of purposes, expansion joints are undoubtedly one of the most common applications. Elbex’s team is dedicated to providing superior quality in each stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that our expansion joints provide the stability and protection your project needs.

How Are Expansion Joints Used?

Expansion joints are most commonly used in manufacturing and construction, particularly for industrial piping systems. In piping systems, these rubber extrusions help provide a buffer between surfaces to prevent excess movement and vibration. Expansion joints can also relieve stress on architectural materials by holding structures in place, even as different surfaces expand or contract. This greatly reduces the risk for structural damage.

How Elbex Provides Additional Value

At Elbex, our team has the capability to design and engineer custom expansion joint extrusions based on the specification requirements of your project. This includes making sure that material selections account for environmental or chemical factors. Our engineers’ in-depth knowledge even allows them to provide design assistance or help you troubleshoot issues with your current extrusions. Our team also provides services such as die tooling, cutting, splicing, and silicone mixing — all on-site — to deliver timely and cost-effective results.

If you need expansion joint rubber extrusions for your next project, contact Elbex today. Our versatile team has the capabilities to deliver custom-manufactured products based on your unique specifications, while providing a vast range of resources to support your project every step of the way.