Finding the Perfect Material for Your Extrusion Project

No two extrusion projects are exactly alike — and the small details that set your project apart from others’ can make all the difference. Different applications call for different rubber elastomers. The right selection will provide the performance and durability you need — while an improper selection could compromise the application’s integrity. At Elbex, we make sure you get the right fit for your project.

Available Elastomers

There are several different elastomers that can be used for rubber extrusions, each offering varying degrees of flexibility, hardness, and resistance to chemicals, heat, and other hazards. Silicone, EPDM, butyl, natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile, and SBR are just some of the elastomers that we can use for your extrusions.

Determining the Best Option

The nature of the application and its usage environment play a big role in determining which elastomer will be best suited to your needs. Our team asks a series of in-depth questions that cover everything from strength requirements and chemical and temperature exposure to your target cost. Even something as simple as whether an extrusion will be used indoors or outdoors can influence which material works best. By asking the right questions now, we ensure that your project uses an elastomer that delivers the performance you need in the future.

At Elbex, our team uses our years of experience producing both standard and custom extrusions to help you determine the best material for your project. By understanding your application’s specifications, we will help you find a solution that delivers superior performance while still staying on budget.