Take Advantage of Elbex’s On-Site Tooling Capabilities

Take Advantage of Elbex’s On-Site Tooling Capabilities

When working with a manufacturer of custom extrusions, there is a big difference between companies that handle tooling on-site, and those that outsource the work. At Elbex, we offer on-site tooling to improve outcomes for your project. Here’s why this matters.

Faster Delivery

Perhaps the most immediately obvious advantage of on-site tooling is that it makes production far more efficient. Internal processing for tooling can often be completed in less than a day. Outsourcing, on the other hand, could take several weeks. An in-house, hands-on approach will dramatically shorten lead times, ensuring that you get the finished product that much sooner.

Lowered Costs

On-site tooling also reduces the total cost of your project. As the saying goes, “time is money.” By handling tooling in-house, our team saves time and money, in part because it is easier to ensure that finished products are meeting quality certification standards. We are able to pass these cost savings along to our customers, creating a win-win for everyone!

No matter what kind of custom extrusion product you need for your applications, Elbex’s on-site tooling will help you get the results you want. By handling design and tooling on-site, you get a better experience from start to finish, ensuring high-quality outcomes to meet your unique needs.