Download Silicone and Rubber Extrusion Tolerances

Elbex - Natural Rubber Products

At ELBEX, ensuring that our products work well in their intended application is a top priority. Because of this, each of our products undergoes extensive testing. Knowing the tolerances of our rubber extrusions gives us confidence in what we tell our clients. Best of all, you can learn the tolerances of our products for yourself!

Available For Download

We are proud of the incredible work our team achieves. We also believe that transparency is important in ensuring optimal results for any application requiring a rubber extrusion. Because of these commitments, we publish our tolerance results as a testament to our manufacturing and testing capabilities.

You can see our results firsthand. All of our tolerance testing results are readily available in PDF form, making them easy to view or download on practically any device.

Comparable Results

By making our testing results so readily available, you can easily see how we stack up to the competition. Ask our competitors for their reports, and learn for yourself how well they report their data. We are confident that our production stacks up to the competition.

Of course, beyond our standard configurations, our team specializes in custom-engineered solutions. No matter what type of configuration you need, we should be able to match it.

Rubber extrusions may seem small, but they can have a big impact on a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. By making our tolerance testing results readily available, you can be better informed when making a decision and have confidence that our extrusions will live up to your expectations.