Setting Blocks for Industrial Applications

At ELBEX, one of the many ways our team helps our clients is by producing setting block extrusions that absorb movement and prevent structural damage. Our engineers collaborate with our clients to determine which rubber extrusion solution will work best for a particular project, ensuring that material selections are designed to meet regulatory standards and codes.

Reduce Movement

The goal of our setting blocks is to reduce movement between two separate objects or surfaces. This is often done to protect components in machinery, as well as surfaces in a building. By reducing vibrations, these extrusions minimize structural stress, protecting buildings and machinery from damage.

The Manufacturing Industry

In manufacturing facilities, using setting blocks to reduce vibrations limits structural stress that operations could place on the building itself. This also reduces noise while machinery is in use. Setting blocks must be able to stand up to extreme environmental conditions, such as major temperature shifts that cause materials to contract and expand.

The Construction Industry

In construction, setting blocks help to fill voids between surfaces. This creates a snug, secure fit between surfaces, while also improving the overall structural integrity of a building project. Weatherstripping and edge trim are common applications that reduce structural stress between different surface materials.

From expansion joints and pipe ramps to door and window seals, our setting block extrusions can provide quality results in a wide variety of applications. To learn more about manufacturing your own custom extrusions with ELBEX, contact us today.