The Expert Design Assistance You Need

Over the years, Elbex has served many clients from industries ranging from automotive and mass transit to architectural and water control. While many have come to trust us for producing custom and standard rubber extrusions using their design specifications, this is only a portion of what we offer. With expert design assistance, we can provide an even more hands-on approach.

A Full-Fledged Design Team

Our design team has developed a wide variety of rubber extrusions over the years to meet the needs of clients in many different industries. With this experience, they are able to leverage their knowledge to assist your team during the design phase. Whether you need to troubleshoot a problem with an existing application or design a brand-new extrusion, our team will develop a design that works.

Help Every Step of the Way

The Elbex design team takes a true “hands on” approach to custom design projects. From consulting with your own company’s engineers and taking planned site visits to providing field support and tooling setups, our designers can help at each step of the project. No matter what kind of design assistance you need, they will work diligently to understand the application requirements to create a solution that you can depend on.

If you know you need a rubber extrusion for your application but aren’t sure where to start, that’s not a problem. Our team draws on decades of experience to determine the right design and materials for your needs. Attention to detail ensures that the final product will fully meet your expectations. Contact us today to get started.