How Elbex Serves the Shoe Market

These days, there are many industries that rely on rubber extrusions. And while you may think that a rubber extrusion manufacturer is only called on for projects in the construction or automotive industry, many shoe manufacturers now use extruded rubber to wrap the soles of their shoes for a unique and trendy look. At Elbex, we can provide custom rubber extrusions that help shoe manufacturers achieve a top-notch product.

Just because rubber extrusions for shoes are typically custom-manufactured doesn’t mean that we can’t complete a big order. At Elbex, we provide the scale that is needed by large shoe companies that need extruded wraps for their projects. As a leading rubber extrusion manufacturer, we have the capability to mass produce a wide variety of custom products to your exact specifications.

At Elbex, we can also provide a wide variety of colors and finishes to better meet the specifications of the project. For shoe manufacturers, these additional services can be especially valuable, as they allow for the creation of additional product options to better meet the demands of shoe buyers. Our value-added services make our rubber extrusions stand out from the rest.

At Elbex, our team has the experience and know-how to provide you with superior rubber extrusions that will help you get a step ahead of the competition.