Industry Highlight: The Ever-Growing Construction Industry

Industry Highlight: The Ever-Growing Construction Industry

When most people think of construction, they think of lumber and concrete. But rubber extrusions also play a vital role in this industry, helping ensure lasting structural integrity. With quality rubber extrusions, construction projects will stand the test of time and deliver the performance you need.

Why Are Rubber Extrusions Needed in Construction?

In the construction industry, there is often concern about how the expansion and contraction of various surfaces can lead to structural damage. Movement and friction can damage both flat surfaces and vital building components such as pipes and electric conduit lines. Filling gaps with a rubber extrusion provides much-needed protection for these areas.

In addition, rubber extrusions are often needed to protect the interior of a structure from environmental hazards such as rain and dust.

Common Construction Applications For Rubber Extrusions

Common construction applications for rubber extrusions include weatherstripping, glazing, edge trim, and door and window seals. These create an airtight, waterproof barrier for doors and windows to protect the building interior. Gaskets and seals are also often used to secure components and eliminate vibrations — such as maintaining watertight seals between plumbing pipes.

Even during construction, rubber extrusions provide much-needed protection. For example, using pipe seals and ramps during construction can protect pipes, cables, and other components from damage that could be caused by load-bearing traffic.

No matter what type of extrusion you need for your construction project, you can count on Elbex to provide high-quality parts. Our designers and engineers account for the specific needs of your project, including part function and regulatory requirements, environmental exposure, and more. Quality materials and design ensure that your extrusion will deliver superior construction performance.