Market Spotlight: Serving the Architectural Industry

Elbex has served the architectural industry for over 20 years, providing rubber and silicone products to clients around the world. Our vast experience and custom capabilities ensure that we’re the right fit for your project, too!

Common Architectural Needs

In the architectural industry, rubber extrusions are most often used to provide an environmental barrier, to fill voids between two surfaces, to reduce vibrations, or to provide additional support and ensure proper fit. Weatherstripping insulation is a common glazing application designed to create a barrier against water, air, and sound.

Our Rubber Profiles For the Architectural Industry

With our extensive architectural experience, our team can produce a wide range of architectural profiles, including glazing systems, silicone sheeting, bulb seals, setting blocks, d-sections, and gaskets. In addition to standard rubber products, we can also manufacture custom profiles that meet ASTM specifications and your project’s material requirements.

No matter what type of architectural application you need, you can count on Elbex to deliver high-quality rubber profiles that will get the job done. As an ISO 9001:2015 without Design certification facility, you can have confidence that our team will deliver reliable, durable products that meet the unique needs of your project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.