You Can Count on Elbex Because You Matter to Us!

Here at Elbex, we know that our ability to produce quality rubber extrusions is only part of what makes us successful. In reality, the most important thing for our business is ensuring that our customers are satisfied with each and every job we complete. By making you our number-one priority, we can become a partner you can truly count on.

Your Timeline Matters

Whether you’re in architectural, automotive, or mass transit, you work with tight deadlines. The ability to get custom rubber products in a timely manner is often crucial to finishing work within your desired timeframe. Because of this, we provide flexible scheduling and expedited delivery to ensure that your project is finished on time — even for large orders.

The Ability to Fulfill Custom Requests

While we offer a wide range of standard rubber extrusion, we also take great pride in our ability to produce top-quality custom products. From D-Sections and ribbed profiles to setting blocks and bulb seals, we can help you determine the materials and design requirements that will best fit the demands of your application.

No matter what your specific project application may require, you can trust Elbex to get the job done. Our client-focused team strives to ensure that each project lives up to your expectations in all ways — from the quality of the finished extrusions to the way we communicate throughout the project. Being a dependable partner is what ultimately creates a win-win for everyone.