Our Secret Weapon: An Expert Design Service

When it comes to your rubber extrusion needs, it may be tempting to think that all providers are essentially the same. However, Elbex has one key area that puts us above the rest: expert design service. Here’s how our team of engineers makes the difference.

A True Understanding of Your Needs

Our engineers draw on years of design and manufacturing experience to assist you right from the start. Whether you need design assistance for a brand-new application or help troubleshooting an ongoing issue with your current application, our team can find a quality custom solution. Our knowledge of the different materials that can be used for rubber extrusions (and their strengths and weaknesses) will ensure you get the right fit for your use case.

Hands On Support

We take a very hands-on approach to each project. An engineering team leader is assigned to each client to oversee product development and provide the level of communication you need to ensure a successful project. This could even include visits to go over design plans, field support, or tooling. Our engineers are committed to providing work and service they can be proud of. Exceeding your expectations is what matters most to them.

Are you ready to experience the Elbex difference? Fill out a requisition form to submit information about your project and its unique requirements. We’re confident that our expertise with both standard and custom products will enable us to produce a rubber extrusion that perfectly fits your needs.