Product Highlight: Silicone Sheeting

At Elbex, we are proud to offer a wide range of custom and standard rubber extrusions, including silicone sheeting. This versatile product is used in many places, and as a result, is often available in stock for next-day shipment. Here’s what you should know about silicone sheeting.

Silicone Sheeting Applications

Silicone sheeting is most often used within architectural glazing systems to provide a barrier against air and water vapor. Silicone’s durability against UV rays, ozone, and other environmental and chemical hazards makes it well-suited for a wide range of usage environments. Silicone is also a good insulator of electricity.

Customization Options

Silicone sheeting can be adapted to fit a variety of performance needs. Varying widths and thicknesses can be used to fit different areas, while offering varying levels of hardness or softness. The sheets can also be modified to be electrically conductive, become more resistant to extreme high or low temperatures, or even have extreme flame retardant properties. Sheets can be manufactured in many different colors, including translucent sheeting.

As noted previously, standard silicone sheeting is often in stock at Elbex for next-day shipment. You can check our current availability by calling us at (330) 673-3223. If you are interested in a custom product — be it silicone sheeting or another rubber extrusion — feel free to contact us either online or over the phone! Our experienced team can help you find the right solution for your application.