Industry Spotlight: Industrial Manufacturing

Rubber extrusions play a vital role in industrial manufacturing. By absorbing movement and reducing friction, they can prevent significant structural damage. They can also provide protective seals against environmental hazards. Here’s what you should know.

Common Applications in Industrial Manufacturing

In industrial and manufacturing systems, rubber extrusions are most commonly used for pipe ramps, glazing system profiles, expansion joints, and silicone sheeting. For example, expansion joints are often used for industrial piping systems to provide a barrier between two surfaces. They reduce movement and vibration that could lead to structural damage as these surfaces expand and contract.

Accounting For Specific Needs

Each industrial and manufacturing application is unique. Rubber extrusions are often subjected to extreme conditions, such as direct sunlight, chemical exposure, or significant variations in temperature. Fortunately, by selecting the right materials based on a project’s performance requirements, you can have confidence that the finished product will live up to your needs. By addressing environmental concerns in the design materials selection process, the rubber extrusion will stand the test of time.

You can’t leave the quality of your rubber extrusions up to chance. When you partner with Elbex, you can have confidence that our experienced engineers will use the right materials and specifications to achieve the lasting stability your application needs. Contact us today to request a quote and get started on your project.