Rubber Extrusions for the Mass Transit Industry

Rubber Extrusions for the Mass Transit Industry

From buses to passenger trains, millions of people in the United States rely on mass transit every day to get to work, school, and other destinations. While rubber extrusions may not be the most noticeable component of mass transit, they play a vital role in reducing vibrations and improving passenger comfort.

How Rubber Extrusions Are Used in Mass Transit

Rubber extrusions are typically used to fill voids between two surfaces, primarily to keep out adverse weather (including rain and snow) to improve customer comfort. These extrusions are also used in other areas within mass transit vehicles to help secure other components and reduce internal vibrations. As such, they are used for gaskets, hinge covers, door and window seals, and more.

Accounting For Mass Transit Needs

Mass transit vehicles are often subjected to extreme environments. For example, direct sunlight in the summer can result in high temperatures, while winter conditions expose the vehicles to snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Rubber extrusions must be able to withstand temperature-related expansion and contraction, while also resisting the potentially corrosive effect of moisture to maintain a tight and effective seal.

At Elbex, our experienced team uses their advanced knowledge and skill set to help you design and produce custom rubber extrusions that are the perfect fit for your mass transit application. By accounting for the dimensions and usage environment of each project, you can have confidence that your custom extrusions will stand the test of time and deliver the results you need.