Our Pledge to Quality Extrusions & Why It Matters to You

At Elbex, having the ability to produce a wide range of custom and standard rubber extrusions is an important part of what we do. But even more important is our team’s pledge to producing quality products, no matter what your application might entail. A commitment to quality every step of the way ensures that the final result will deliver exactly what you need.

A Pledge to Quality

Quality is so central to what we do, that our business has a quality extrusions pledge that is central to our mission. As part of this, our team performs multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. Raw materials are inspected to ensure complete traceability and to prevent the use of subpar goods. SPC inspections are performed during production, and a 24-hour check is also a key part of our processes. Trial runs and testing ensure that custom products meet the desired specifications.

Certifications You Can Trust

As part of our commitment to quality, our facility maintains ISO 9001:2015 without Design certification. These international standards are used to ensure that finished products are safe and reliable. As a company that meets these global standards, you can have confidence that Elbex extrusions will provide a high level of quality for any project.

With an experienced team that is fully dedicated to quality every step of the way, you can have confidence that Elbex extrusions will meet and even exceed your performance expectations. As part of a crucial interconnected system of components, reliable extrusions will help applications in any industry perform like they should.