Industry Spotlight: Automotive

Rubber extrusions play a vital role in many industries — in fact, most people interact with extrusions every day, simply by driving to work! The automotive industry makes significant use of rubber extrusions to ensure safety and proper function. Here’s a closer look at the role extrusions play in the automotive industry.

How Rubber Gaskets and Seals Help

Rubber gaskets and seals are primarily used to fill gaps and create barriers to enhance automotive performance. These rubber extrusions may provide water resistance or air barriers, or they could be used to secure components and eliminate vibrations. Various materials may be used based on environmental and chemical exposure to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Specific Automotive Components

Some of the most common automotive applications produced by Elbex include cushions for automotive cooling components, hinge covers, door and window seals, acoustic covers, molded caps, and even no-rattle pads for spare tires. Though these parts may seem small, they ultimately go a long way in creating a comfortable and safe driving experience by helping to prevent potential repair or maintenance problems.

No matter what kind of rubber extrusions you need for your automotive application, you can count on Elbex to get the job done. With years of experience producing both standard and custom extruded products, our team can design and manufacture parts that serve as a viable sealing solution.