Elbex Can Handle the Volume of Production You Need

At Elbex, we understand that no two projects are alike — not just in terms of the type of extrusions that work best for a particular application, but also in the number of products that may be needed. With on-site design and tooling, our team is uniquely equipped to handle the production volume required by your project.

Superior Capabilities

Our rubber extruded products are typically created by forcing uncured compounds through a die to achieve the desired shape, after which the material is cured using a salt bath cure system. This process means we aren’t limited in term of product lengths, allowing us to produce high volume runs. This allows us to produce high lineal foot runs in a much shorter amount of time than other production methods would allow.

Equipped For Production Runs Big and Small

Our experience in custom design and tooling means that we often undertake small scale trial runs before ramping up to full production of a rubber extrusion. This also means that our team has the ability to produce smaller-volume orders, in addition to the large-volume orders that are often needed for major products. We’re ready to help you meet the specific needs of your project, big or small.

Whether you need a high-volume run or a relatively small order, you can count on Elbex to provide top-quality extrusions that will be the perfect fit for your application. To get started with your project, fill out our online RFQ form!