Your Partner for the Custom Extrusions You Need

If you need a custom rubber extrusion for your application, you can’t rely on just anyone. You need to work with an expert team that has the knowledge and capabilities to produce reliable, custom-fit extrusions. Here’s how Elbex can meet these important requirements and serve as a true partner for all your rubber extrusion needs.

Extensive Experience With Custom Profiles

Elbex’s team has years of experience manufacturing both standard and custom extrusion profiles. Over the years, we have produced a wide range of extruded products for industries such as architectural, automotive, water control, industrial/manufacturing, and more. An understanding of the varied application tolerances, dimensions, and materials that may be required in different circumstances ensures a quality outcome, every time.

A Commitment to Quality

Our facility is ISO certified, and our team is dedicated to guaranteeing client satisfaction on every project. With in-house tool and die design services, as well as in-house fabrication, our team is able to maintain a high level of quality throughout your project. Statistical process controls and quality assurance systems also ensure that the final product perfectly matches your performance requirements. Consistent communication throughout the project keeps everyone on the same page.

If you need custom extrusions for your application, you can trust Elbex to deliver quality work and timely delivery. Our experienced engineers will work with you, fostering a collaborative process that guarantees a successful outcome while respecting your time and budget.