Take Advantage of Our Custom Tooling

While many architectural and industrial applications can get by with standard rubber extrusions, this isn’t always the case. If you have unique dimension or performance requirements, obtaining custom tooling assistance is an absolute must. At Elbex, our custom and on-site tooling services ensure successful outcomes for every project, no matter what the unique requirements might be.

How Custom Tooling Works

Custom tooling is powered by our team’s experience with 2-D modeling and AutoCAD, helping to turn desired specifications into actionable designs. This process involves extensive communication and collaboration with your team to ensure that the finished product matches the  necessary design specifications. All design and processing is performed on-site to ensure that quality certification standards are met.

The Advantages of On-Site Custom Tooling

The hands-on approach of on-site custom tooling makes work far more efficient, allowing projects to be finished weeks faster than if they were outsourced. This process also helps prevent miscommunications that might otherwise result in faulty or non-compliant extrusions. This shortens leads times and provides savings that our team passes on to you. Ultimately, you get results that are a sure fit for your application, while also saving time and money.

If you’d like to take advantage of our custom tooling services, contact us today. Our experienced engineers are ready to work alongside your team to deliver high-quality results for your unique application.