3 Questions We May Ask

Elbex - Natural Rubber Products

When we start a new project for a customer, we sit down and have in-depth discussions about goals, challenges, and requirements for their project. During that time there are several questions we may ask you in order to design the best possible extrusions for your needs. 

What is Your Application?

This is a fairly straight forward question which any extrusion manufacturer should ask you. We need to know what your objectives are and how the extrusions fit into the bigger picture. In order to properly develop a prototype, we need to know how our products will be utilized in your project. 

Are There Any Temperature or Environmental Concerns? 

When we ask this question it helps us better understand your application. But by checking on temperature and environmental exposures, we can create the best extrusion for you. 

Rubber compounds are each different and each has different strengths and weaknesses. Some compounds are better suited in lower temperatures. Others may be able to withstand fats, greases, oils, and other contaminants. Depending on which chemicals, materials, and temperatures an extrusion will face can greatly impact the elastomer used. Simply stated, this is a big question we need answered. 

What are Your Financial Targets?

Finally, we want to know your financial targets or budget constraints before developing a rubber or silicone extrusion for you. 

Your budget, project timeframe, and environmental concerns can impact our recommendations and designs for source materials. 

In order to begin the process of creating a custom rubber extrusion, complete an online RFQ or contact us today.