We Create Custom and Standard Rubber Extensions

Standard Rubber Extensions

While ELBEX was incorporated in 1991, our industry history extends even farther back, to when Seal Master founder Edward L. Bittle gained his skills and knowledge working for B.F. Goodrich in the 1940s and 50s. Drawing from this background and a innovation-driven mindset, we provide a wide range of capabilities within the rubber extrusions niche.

What We Produce

At ELBEX, we produce several different products, including rubber profile extensions, cord, tubing and sheeting, as well as continuous vulcanization lines, Davis-Standard extruders, and finished gaskets. Our products are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, including ASTM, SAE, AMS, RMA, and military specifications.

Expertise With a Variety of Materials

To meet varied application demands, it should come as no surprise that our team is able to work with a variety of materials. The materials we work with include EPDM, silicone, butyl, PVC, neoprene, and more. We work with most elastomers, and can even provide silicone color matching and in-house batch material mixes.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Sometimes, a standard design won’t meet the needs of your application. We provide in-house tooling design and production, as well as compound design assistance to create custom rubber products. Value added services like high-speed auto cutting and splicing, secondary vulcanization, and taping with pressure-sensitive adhesives further enhance our engineering capabilities.

Whether you need a standard rubber profile extrusion or a custom-engineered solution, you can count on the ELBEX team to deliver high-quality results that perfectly fit the needs of your application. Reach out today to see what we can do for you.