Custom Solutions for Manufacturers

Custom Engineered Rubber Products

ELBEX is an ISO certified leader in rubber extrusions manufacturing. We have experience creating custom extrusions for a wide range of industries across the globe. 

We Give You a Personal Touch

Every time we receive a request from a client for our products, our engineering and design team will carefully review the project requirements and specifications. From there we can decide which materials, sizes, shapes, and other elements need to be incorporated into our extrusion design. 

Our team of problem solvers will also keep in contact with you throughout this process in order to identify issues and challenges as early as possible. 

The Benefits of Custom Solutions

Rubber extrusions offer the benefit of having the freedom to design products in any shape or size. Manufacturers like ELBEX are able to use any material in order to meet project requirements.

Extrusions also offer parts that are strong, soft, and flexible for any application. With extrusions, customers have options and with ELBEX we can help you understand all of the benefits a custom extrusion can give you. 

We have the ability to manufacture rubber and silicone extrusions. But we can also perform continuous vulcanization lines, Davis-Standard extruders, and produce finished gaskets. Our manufacturing capabilities meet a variety of standards like ASTM, SAE, AMS, military, and RMA. 

Finally, our team will work with you after a production run and installation to ensure our products meet your needs. 

ELBEX has the ability and experience to create unique extrusion solutions for our customers. Contact us today so we can begin our work with you.