Design Assistance for Rubber Extractions

Design Assistance for Rubber Extractions

ELBEX Corporation has decades of experience in the highly-specialized industry of rubber extrusions. We are ready to help our clients with design consultation and services so they can get the most out of our products. 

Our Engineers are Ready to Help

For every new application, ELBEX engineers are always available to help troubleshoot or solve challenges along the way. Upon a customer request for quote, we will assign a team leader to quarterback and assist you through the development phase. This type of assistance includes site visits, field support, tooling, and engineering setups at the ELBEX facility. 

We will do everything within our power to help bring your project to life in a timely manner. Our team is ready to help you troubleshoot any problems that come your way and we understand that each project is unique. 

Since we utilize a variety of materials such as silicone, EPDM, and natural rubber to manufacture our products, we have a vast array of experience serving different industries. 

We Can Help Existing Applications Too!

Besides assisting on projects from the early stages, our engineering team can also help customers who experience persistent, old problems. 

Our expertise and resources can assist clients with ongoing issues regarding their rubber products. Together we can help bring a satisfactory outcome to your existing applications. 

Contact us today or submit an online request to begin crafting a rubber extrusion suited for your next project.