Developing in the Upper Midwest

While we ship our products to customers around the world, we at Elbex are proud to play a key role in developing business in our home region: Upper Midwest. After all, there are a wide range of industries that rely on rubber extensions. Here are just a few ways that we help.

Architectural Development

When it comes to architectural development, there are many areas where rubber products play a vital role in achieving top-notch results. These products can be used to protect piping, fill gaps or serve other important purposes. Whether you need gaskets, seals, expansion joints or other types of rubber extrusions, we can manufacture products to meet your specifications. 

Silicone Extrusions/Sheeting

Rubber extrusions aren’t our only area of expertise, however. We also specialize in the manufacture of translucent silicone sheeting and silicone extrusions. These products have application in a wide range of industries, and have been thoroughly tested to guarantee they will meet your project’s needs.

Custom Rubber Extrusions

Our most distinguishing feature, however, is our ability to provide custom rubber extrusions to match the unique needs of your company. Our team is up for the challenge of delivering products that match your exact material and geometric requirements. No matter what type of project you have, our skilled team will produce high-quality work that perfectly fits your needs. 

By providing these services, we have helped in the development of many businesses in the Upper Midwest. Let us help you on your next project and show you what we can do!