The Ever-Expanding Architectural Industry

The Ever-Expanding Architectural Industry

Elbex provides high-quality, custom rubber extrusions for a wide range of industries — including the architectural industry. Rubber extrusions play an ever-expanding role in buildings and other structures, providing additional support, reducing vibrations, and protecting against environmental hazards. Here’s a closer look at rubber extrusions in architecture.

Common Applications

Rubber extrusions often play a vital role in improving structural integrity in buildings. They do this by filling gaps between two surfaces, helping to absorb vibrations and protect interior areas against environmental hazards like rain and dust.

One of the most common uses for rubber extrusions in architecture is an extruded rubber glazing system, such as weatherstripping insulation. These gaskets create tight seals that wrap around doors or glass windows to prevent air or water leaks. Seals around doors and windows also block sound and extreme temperatures. They help ensure a proper fit between these elements and the rest of the structure.

Materials Matter

The specific materials needed for a rubber glazing system can vary based on several factors. Indoor or outdoor use, application to a door or window, and residential or commercial use are just a few considerations that can influence which design and materials will be suitable. Specific fire, sound, and water ratings may also be necessary for certain types of structures. The right materials ensure that the finished extrusion will meet all performance requirements.

No matter what type of architectural application you have in mind, Elbex can help you develop the right rubber extrusions for the job. Our team works with a wide range of materials, and can use our in-depth expertise to help customize designs as needed based on the specifications and operating conditions of the application. Contact us today to get started.